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Karndean Design Flooring

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Quality Floor Solutions

Available in a whole host of designs, qualities and textures, you can literally create any look you want. Because Karndean comes as individual tiles and planks, there is no restriction with alignment or direction as to which they should flow. Borders can be added to highlight features of your room, whether it’s a dining area, a curved shower unit, or just used to turn your floor in to a feature. The only restriction is your imagination.

The actual designs used by Karndean have come on leaps and bounds over the past few years, making them look more realistic and even more durable. With everything from large ceramic looking tiles,broad and narrow wood planks, to parquet, all available in a huge variation of tones and textures.

Our Carpets
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Realistic & Durable Flooring

There are many reasons why Karndean outperforms its real counterparts; ceramics and wooden floor. Karndean is much warmer under foot than ceramics and it can also be laid on to underfloor heating. The tiles themselves don’t crack when a heavy weight is dropped on them and because they are installed piece by piece, in the worst case scenario, that a tile or plank gets damaged, it can be replaced.

In terms of maintenance, the upkeep is a minimum, often requiring a sweep to get rid of regular dust, then just a routine clean as and when it gets dirty; no sanding and varnishing.

Guarantees are supplied with each range and vary between 12 to 25 years depending on the exact range. In domestic circumstances, any of the ranges are more than ample to cope with regular traffic.

Performance Benefits

Within the time we have been installing Karndean, there has never been a problem. We ensure you are provided with the correct advice in terms of design and practical performance of each specific range and maintenance kits are given with each installation.

In order to get the best out of your new Karndean floor, we cannot stress enough, the importance of correct subfloor preparation, using the correct adhesives and a fitter who is genuinely experienced with this type of flooring. At The Carpet Company, we make sure all of this is taken care of and should you ever have a problem, you know exactly where we are.

For images of completed installations, please visit our facebook pages or feel free to contact us with regards to any of your needs.

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Similar Products

Along with Karndean, we also offer some similar products, at a lower price point, Polyflors Camaro range with a large colour bank and TLC’s true mineral and true forest.

In our opinion, these products aren’t quite up to the specification, but its not to say that they don’t look great down.

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